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Unique Eats and Eateries of the Twin Cities

A food-based exploration of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota


Food lovers will explore great neighborhoods, visit thriving avenues of ethnic eateries, sample a few of the region's quirkiest food traditions and discover its rich history, culture and personality.


If you're a life-long resident or a traveler ready for your first taste of the Cities, Unique Eats & Eateries of the Twin Cities offers a feast for your palate, for your senses and your sense of humor.

Smith, a longtime food and travel writer, has assembled an impressively up-to-date guide that mixes popular destinations with lesser-known spots whose devoted clientele should deservedly grow. From Thai and vegan to Somali and Ecuadorean, this guide is a great resource for adventurous appetites.--Minneapolis Star Tribune




Terri discusses "Unique Eats" on KMSP-TV.

Off The Beaten Page

The best trips for lit lovers, book clubs and girls on getaways

Off The Beaten Page offers a literary look at fifteen U.S. destinations as seen through the works of famous writers.  Award-winning journalist Terri Peterson Smith takes readers on a lively tour of some of the  most fascinating places in the U.S., combining her love of literature and her quest for a good time with friends.


Her inspired explorations and meticulous research combine to help readers not only extend the experience of a great book but also to gain a greater understanding of the people and culture in the places they travel. 

"If you like to travel and you like literature, I am telling you you're going to love this book. I think it was made for me."

Maureen Langen--KGO Radio, San Francisco

"A bookworm’s dream, this title is an inspiring, unique read. Book clubs and the literary-minded will love it for the travel ideas, book lists, and delightful commentary on each city’s history. Highly recommended."

--Library Journal

More about Off the Beaten Page

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